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Weft Release  works fast and has a great smell. It’s low-cost and works great on all types of tape bonds. It won’t disintegrate and melt your tapes into a mess. It will leave the tape intact so you can peel it off. It has a pleasant fragrance and very little oily-residue.


The Basics

  • Very Little Oily Residue
  • Fast Acting
  • Great Smell
  • Flammable


Available Sizes

  • 4 oz Drop-Top
  • 4 oz Spray



Apply the solution over the area you wish to remove. Wait for one minute, then begin working the bond loose. Apply more solution if needed. When complete, rinse the area with soap and water to remove residue.


Hydrocarbon Solvent with Added Fragrance



Keep away from heat, sparks or open flame. Avoid breathing fumes and prolonged skin contact. Do not take internally, and avoid eye contact.


Other Products we Recommend

Extension Prep Shampoo breaks down adhesives, scrubs the skin, and cleans the hair in one step. It’s great before installation to prepare the hair and scalp for hair system bonding. It’s also the perfect product to remove any oily residues or leftover adhesive residue after removal.


(Not available in California. This product cannot be shipped to California.)

  • Fast Acting
  • Great Smell


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