Fearless Fashion Tape 500 Count Tins
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Fearless double sided tape is the perfect product for your fashion needs. Just say no to gapping blouses, drooping hems, shifty shoulder pads and flyaway belts. Say a confident yes to looking your very best and staying fearless at the office, weddings, proms, pageants or rocking your everyday life. Fearless Tape is formulated stay strong when it needs to, but is gentle on skin and fabric and comes off clean at the end of the day. The tape is clear, so it isn't easy to detect and is much easier to use than fabric damaging safety pins. This tape is so easy to use. Here are step by step directions:

1. Pull out a strip of tape and peel off of one side of the liner

2. Press the side of the tape with the adhesive exposed firmly onto your skin or fabric

3. Remove the other liner

4. Apply the item that needs to be secured

5. Thats it!

If you are a stylist and are getting a client ready for a big event, this is an inexpensive giveaway. If you give a few strips to your customers at the end of their visit, it will keep them loyal and happy. We have also included a small bonus tin that you can keep Fearless Tape in to take everywhere you go. Strip Dimensions: 3" x ½"  Quantity: 500

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