Extenda-Bond Plus
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Extenda-Bond Plus: We've made our classic product better. Not only is it more affordable than the original Extenda-Bond, it comes with more strips per box! 100 pieces to be exact. It also has a better box design, with a perforated lid that can be torn off for easy access in your salon. More strips, better box, no brainer.

  • Hold Time: 2-4 weeks

Extenda-Bond Plus Mini's: The Extenda-Bond Plus Minis are made with the same great tape as the Extenda-Bond Plus Strips, just in a different size.  They come in sheets of 6 minis on a clear liner.  The minis measure 3/4"x1 1/2".  Available in 42-count bags.

Also known as Extendabond, Geobond and Eurobond.


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