1. Why can't I see the prices?
Prices are only visible after you have logged into your account. If you do not have an account login and are already a wholesale customer with us, contact customer service at to get your online account set up. If you are not yet a wholesale customer with us, you can sign up here.
2. Does Walker offer discounted pricing on large orders?
Yes! As a wholesale customer, you're not only offered direct from the manufacturer wholesale pricing, but you get discounted rates for larger orders. For orders from $40-$100, you'll receive basic wholesale pricing. If you spend over $100, you'll receive 5% off your entire order. If you spend over $300, you'll receive 10% off your entire order. To help you stay competitive, we offer the same bulk discounts to all of our customers. 
4. Can we purchase just a single product?
We have an order minimum of $40. This ensures that we can keep our costs down to continue offering you the best products in the industry at the best prices. If you'd like to test out a single product, feel free to email and request a sample for free.
5. Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we ship all over the world. Different countries do have different restrictions however. If you have further questions please contact
6. Which tape is best for lace fronts?
We recommend using a tape with a dull finish. Our favorites are: Walker Signature Tape, Easy Green, Ultra Hold, and Lace Front Support Tape.
7. Do you have an MSDS sheet for your tapes?
When our tape is created, the hazardous elements are actually "flashed" off. This means the hazardous chemicals are burned away when produced, so there is no need for an MSDS sheet. We do have an official letter available stating exact reasons the tape has no formal MSDS. If you'd like a copy of the letter, please reach out to
8. Can I get tracking information sent to my email?
Of course. As long as we have your updated email you'll be sent tracking information for your orders.
9. How does the shipment of flammable products work?
 When you order flammable liquids it reclassifies the shipment as hazardous. Hazardous shipments go in a special box with special markings and require special paperwork. There is also a fee associated with handling hazardous shipments because the shipping companies have to take extra precautions. To keep your costs down, we have a blog post explaining how we recommend you purchase flammables. You can find that post here.
10. I am having trouble checking out/finishing my purchase.
Often, any issues with checkout out can be resolved by clearing your browser cache. This can be done by going to the Settings or History in most browsers. If you're still experiencing issues after taking that step, please reach out to us at
11. Do you guarantee your products?
Yes! If you're not totally satisfied with any product in our catalog, we'll give you your money back.

12. How can I be sure if a product is safe for my client's skin?

We always recommend performing a patch test before using any product on any client. The Patch Test is used to ensure your customer does not have any negative reactions to the adhesive or tape you wish to use. The test is quit simple and is easy to perform during your consultations with clients.

1. Place a small amount of the product you're testing on the clients skin and cover it with a bandage. 

2. Instruct the client to remove the band-aid the following day and check for any reaction.

3. If there is any redness or irritation, do not use that product. If there is no redness or irritation, that product should be safe for use on that client's skin

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